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Adding an owner/admin to your page
Adding an owner/admin to your page

How do I add an Owner/Admin to my Givey charity page?

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If you want to change/add a new admin to your charity page, you can do so via your 'Settings' page located from your Givey charity account. 

After navigating to the settings page of your charity account, click on 'Admins' on the far right of the top toolbar. Here you have the option to add a new admin by clicking '+ Add New Admin' and entering their Name and Email Address, or to transfer ownership of the charity page click 'Transfer Ownership' and select the desired owner from the dropdown menu.

NOTE: In order to transfer ownership of your charity page, the new owner must already be an admin of the page. To add a new owner please add them as an admin first before clicking 'Transfer Ownership'.

Both you and the new owner/admin, must also have your address fields populated on your user profiles.

If you encounter any issues during this process please contact us at

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