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Fundraising on Givey

How do I get started?

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It's quick and easy to set-up a fundraising page for a registered charity. If you're looking to raise money for your chosen charity, we can have you set-up immediately.

Just follow the steps below to get started:

  • Log in to your account and click 'Start Fundraising' on the home page.
    If you've not got an account, then register for free here:

  • Next, choose a charity by typing the charities name and selecting from the list.
    If your charity is not on Givey then fill in this form and we will contact them for you. Once your charity have registered on to Givey you can proceed with your fundraising page. 

  • When you've chosen your charity, fill out the next form. Please fill out as much, if not all, the information provided to make the most out of your fundraising page. The more details you give the more likely it will engage your donors and therefore increase your donations. 

  • Once thats done, click on 'Create Fundraiser' 

  • Your fundraising page is now live! 

Click play on the pop-up video to learn more. Then browse the features on your page via your 'Settings'. 

We will send the donations over to your charity and help your promote on social media. Find us on @GiveyHQ to help us raise awareness of your fundraising event and charity. 

Good luck!

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