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What are the 3 boxes for when selecting GA during donation? And are they a requirement?

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The 3 extra Gift Aid checkboxes are a requirement we have implemented from HMRC to ensure that Gift Aid claims are valid and that the donor is indeed a UK tax payer. 

We have to do this for compliance reasons. 

By ticking all the boxes, your donation will be accepted. 

100% of your gift aid donation, goes to the charity/fundraiser!


All lines of your address must be filled out, in order for your donation to be processed by our payment provider.
If you don't provide every line of your address, then your donation won't be processed. This will delay your chosen charity getting your valuable contribution to their good cause.

You also must provide your full name at checkout, any nicknames/other known names will result in the charity not being able to claim gift aid for your donation!

Although title is a field in the gift aid spreadsheet it is not required, HMRC just need to identify the individual. If there is an accurate first name, last name and valid address then this is sufficient.

We don't collect titles on Givey as it adds complexity to the donation process.

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