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Donating to your charity/fundraiser of choice
Donating to your charity/fundraiser of choice

How do I donate?

Written by Venisha Simpson
Updated over a week ago

Follow this step by step guide to donate to the charity or fundraiser of your choice through Givey!

1. Navigate to the charity or fundraiser that you'd like to donate to, and click on the big red 'Donate' button

2. Enter the amount which you would like to donate, along with your name, email address and optionally a comment which will appear on the page you are donating to. Anonymise your donation if you wish by ticking the box titled 'Hide my name and image on this donation'

3. Scroll down the page and if you wish to add gift aid please tick the box titled 'I want to add gift aid' then tick the three extra boxes which will appear subsequently. You will also need to add your house name and post code and click search to find your home address. (NOTE: This is optional, if you do not want to add gift aid leave this box blank)

4. After all this information has been entered, click the red button titled ‘Donate to…’

5. A box will pop up on your screen where you will be asked to enter the card details of the card you wish to use to make the donation. Enter this information along with the post code for the billing address linked to that card, then click on the button ‘Add card’. Your donation will then be processed, and you will be taken to a screen with the message ‘Thank you for your donation!’

That’s it! You will also receive email confirmation that your donation has been processed, if you are unsure about whether your donation has gone through or need any help with making a donation please contact We are here to help!

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