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How to claim gift aid
How to claim gift aid

How do I claim gift aid?

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We don't claim gift aid on your behalf - Please see below how the process works here on Givey!

You can download spreadsheets of all your donations from the Exports section of your charity page. It will be the last option to choose from, on the top bar of that page. (see below)

Here are a few quick and easy steps to find the download for your gift aid spreadsheet:
- Click on your charity page
- Click 'Exports' on the top bar (as seen above in picture)
- Click Gift Aid (on this next page that loads)
- Scroll down on this page and click 'Download Gift Aid Spreadsheet'

To see a list of payments just go to the Bank Account section and you'll see a list, you can also view individual payouts to see a breakdown of the donations that it was made up of. 

If you are claiming Gift Aid you can download a pre-populated ODS spreadsheet ready to upload to HMRC from the Gift Aid section of the charity settings page. 

Full guidance on how to upload the schedule to HMRC can be found here: 

Although title is a field in the spreadsheet it is not required, HMRC just need to identify the individual - if there is an accurate first name, last name and valid address then this is sufficient.

We don't collect titles on Givey, as it just adds complexity to the donation process.

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